Being Deliciously Satisfied

In Chinese medicine, food, exercise and a mind-body practice are all important parts of a healthy and long life. In short, raw and cold foods should be limited as they slow digestion and harm your digestive fire. Exercise should be done daily, but in moderation so that you are not soaked in sweat. And a mind-body practice will provide you with deep relaxation and a way to more easily regulate thoughts and emotions.


I advocate for a wheat-free diet because of the well-documented effects of modern genetically-modified wheat. I also highly recommend clean-sources of meat whenever possible and only small amounts of dairy and refined sugar.


Changing the foods we eat and creating new eating habits can be very difficult in our fast and processed food culture. Below are a few links to businesses and resources I love that support a healthier and more mindful way to eat, and still giving you a way to savor the pleasures of eating.

Local Eateries & Healthy Food Resources I love:

  • Lovingly and orgnically-made bone broths and delicious soups that heal your mind, body and spirit - Mama Tong Broth and Soups

  • Get organic and high quality groceries delivered to your home. Their website also offers easy-to-follow recipes and they offer dinner kits to make cooking at home quick and easy - Good Eggs

  • This butcher offers a wide range of grass-fed, pasture-raised meats (I love their marrow bones to make bone broth) - Marin Sun Farms

  • Craving hand-made tamales made with non-GMO corn and free-range meats? You can find La Oaxacena's booth at Berkeley's Tuesday and Saturday farmers market - La Oaxacena

  • Home-style Chinese food using organic produce and free-range meats, and no MSG - Lin Jia Kitchen

  • Delicious, fresh and authentic Arab flat breads (sadly no gluten-free options), but their dipping sauces made from scratch make amazing take-home snacks - Reem's

  • Need a nourishing breakfast bowl? Home Grown uses seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible for delicious California cuisine at its best - Home Grown Oakland

  • Free range and grass-fed burgers and french fries to die for - Clove and Hoof

  • I love this restaurant for their lamb kebabs and pickled salads. They're currently only open for dinner, but you'll leave satisfied and your belly will feel so good - The Kebabery

  • FOB Kitchen offers home-style Filipino cooking, as if we were lucky enough to have a Filipino Auntie. I love their Pork Adobo and Sinigang - FOB Kitchen

  • Soba Ichi is a West Oakland treasure offering authentic, traditional Japanese dishes. They lovingly hand make soba noodles daily, including a limited batch of 100% buckwheat (and therefore, gluten-free) soba noodles, but on Wednesdays only. Get there early or reserve a table - Soba Ichi

  • I haven't had this much fun at an ice cream shop in over 20 years, when my digestion suddenly decided it hated cow's milk. Mr. Dewie's makes cashew-based ice cream that is ultra-creamy and beloved, even by lactose-digesting people! - Mr. Dewie's Cashew Creamery

If you have a favorite restaurant or food business that uses sustainably-raised and organic ingredients, please let me know.