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Initial Treatment

60-80 mins -- Sliding scale $85-150

Your first appointment begins with a conversation about your past medical history, the state of your overall health & well-being, and what changes you would most like to achieve.  This integrated picture allows me to develop a holistic treatment plan that addresses the root causes of your health imbalances as well as the troublesome symptoms.
In addition to acupuncture, there are many tools I draw upon to improve your health. Depending on your condition, I may also use one of the following to strengthen your treatment:
  • custom herbal formulas
  • cupping
  • moxa
  • nutritional and supplement recommendations
  • stretching and postural exercises


Follow-Up Treatments
50-60 mins-- Sliding scale $65-125 (with cupping, sliding scale is $80-125)

Follow up treatments are important to further fine tune and customize your treatment plan. Usually weekly visits are most effective at the beginning, and once your systems are more balanced, I recommend patients come once a month to maintain good health. Visits can include acupuncture, herbal recommendations, food as medicine counseling & recipes, lifestyle coaching, corrective stretches, moxa and cupping.

Cupping Only



Mamie is gentle, patient and completely non-judgmental. Her touch is so light I never feel the needles going in, and can always count on a good nap during each appointment. She is very flexible and has squeezed me in several times to treat a migraine as it's developing and like magic, it dissipates.

- A.S.

I had a broken clavicle and it hurt. Mamie, in 25 minutes, could make the acute pain subside. I saw her several times over three weeks and the pain didn't resurface. I totally recommend her.

20-30 minutes -- $30-50

Cupping is a highly effective way to relax chronically tight muscles with lasting results. It can be used to release tight neck and shoulders, hamstrings, calf muscles, IT band and much more. Many of my athlete patients report that their performance has improved greatly with cupping.

- E S.

Presentations and Workshops

Prices vary depending on size and needs of each group

Is your organization or group interested in a Everyday Foods As Medicine presentation or cooking class? I'm happy to tailor each presentation to the specific needs and interests of your group.

Workshops can be offered in 60 or 90-minute segments and provide the following information:

  • Eastern perspective on health & nutrition

  • How to boost energy, immunity and other common issues with everyday foods

  • How to make mouth-watering and healthy dishes for busy people

  • Quick and delicious recipes for common ailments such as eczema, hot flashes, low energy and more

  • Sampling of delicious recipes

My goal is to provide practical, fun and engaging workshops to deepen our understanding of food as medicine. When we know more about food's powers, we make healthier choices.

Here's a sample of groups I've presented to:

   Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College

   American Association of University Women

   Ella Baker Center

   Healing Generations Institute

   Laney Community College

   Masa Verde, Sacred Heart Community Service

   Ohlone College

   Oakland Unified School District

   RYSE Youth Center

   University of California, Berkeley

   Youth Together

For more information, please email Mamie.

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