I practice a Japanese-style of acupuncture that is very gentle, yet highly effective. I work with many first-timers to acupuncture and enjoy explaining traditional Eastern physiology and helping take the fear out of the needles. Many people report that they don't even feel the needles going in and for this, I am grateful to my teachers.


With each treatment, we spend time discussing food and nutrition as this is a big part of Chinese medicine and healing without side effects.  You may also receive recommendations on stretches or exercises to aid in your postural health. My goal is to share practical tips that can be easily integrated into your life such as delicious and healing recipes like the one provided below.


I place a high value on empowerment through education and offer workshops to the public on using everyday foods as medicine, intro to Eastern medicine, breaking free from food cravings and other timely topics.


I hold a 3rd degree black belt and am a senior instructor at Wild Crane Rising Martial Arts. I also enjoy teaching self defense, particularly how to remain calm during stressful situations. My other passions are cooking and developing quick, healthy and deliciously satisfying recipes. In my free time, you'll likely find me, my girlfriend and our chihuahuas hiking, playing and eating in our beloved Bay area community.

Click on the button below for a recipe to nourish your Yin  -- this helps with anxiety, sleeping problems, night sweats and prematurely greying hair.



Mamie Chow

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Everyday Food As Medicine Trainer

Cooking Class Instructor

Martial Arts & Self Defense Instructor



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